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1]. Alwinton Show - 2011

2]. New Years Day - 2011

3]. New Years Day - 2012

4]. A Day Out - Oct 2012

5]. New Years Day  - 2013


World Tour Photo's

1]. 4th World Tour

2]. 5th World Tour













































New Years Day 2011



To view some photos of New Years Day 2011 click HERE































New Years Day 2012


































New Years Day 2013



































II World Tour - 2009































III World Tour - 2010




























4th World Tour - 20th August 2011



2011 - 4th World Tour





























Photo's of the 4th World Tour





2011 - 4th World Tour

Our World Tours are becoming very popular - we now have to take a van to carry all the bands equipment


Alwinton - friends united
(not sure if Kevins taking a photo, or trying to conduct them)







Our Transport coming into Alwinton
Old London Routemaster       





Marching through Alwinton








































5th World Tour - 18th August 2012

click HERE to view video





























5th World Tour Photo's

The Commemorative Cup (1975 - 2005) - used on every World Tour and special occasions

The cup has a special brew drunk from it - the Percy Special

(scroll down for more photo's)



Partaking of the Percy Special

Marching in Harbottle



..... trying the Pipes

....handing them back....for the best really..



Outside the Star Inn, Harbottle



back to the bus in Netherton

outside the Star Inn, Netherton






























A Day Out

This next video is our trip to Alwinton and Clennel Hall on Saturday 13th October 2012.

Alwinton Show had been cancelled due to a waterlogged show field, but a new show hut had been erected and the show committee had asked the band to come to help with the dedication - no sooner said than done - our friends at Chain Bridge Honey Farm again provided our favoured form of transport for our trips around the valley - the old London Routemaster.

Clennel Hall beside Alwinton asked the band to call in there as they were having a small show day with various entertainments, including a Buckin Bronco.

This is just a small part of the days proceedings.





 6th World Tour - 17th August 2013

 click HERE to view video


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