Rothbury Pipe Band

November 3rd 2012

Fund Raiser


The weather wasn't brilliant, after a fine start we had some showers - the band got wet when they played outside - but this didn't stop our fund raiser from attracting quite a number of visitors. Folk always feel better when its nice, but when they hear the Pipe Band, it just creates that extra spark needed to help events like this succeed.

People were coming into the Hall even before the official opening time of 11.0am, and it was none stop after that - at least it felt that way on the raffle stall - no time to take photos until much later and I again missed the Band playing outside.

Below are just a few photos I did manage to take.

The Band getting ready to play on the Stage - near the end - and still the folk came!!


An earlier shot with Band members heading outside to play

 Very early in the day - we start them young here!!


A short Video from 2010

(2012 coming shortly)


Raffle - Results

The prizes that are marked - To Be Claimed - the winners are known and we are contacting them

Raffle Prize

 Isle of Skye Whisky

Gingerbread House - Cake

£20 Meat Voucher for Rothbury Family Butchers

'The Balvenie' Whisky Flask

Fruit Cake

Dinner for 2 (Voucher) at the Newcastle Hotel

Bottle Gordons Gin

Bottle 'White Horse' Whisky

Fruit & Nut Cake


Bottle of Port

Bottle Dry Gin

Box of Chocolates

Bottle 'Mateus'

Magnum of Charlemagne

Bottle of Sauvignon

Tin of Heroes

Car Accessory Kit (shampoo etc)

Large Hamper

Box Smellies

Digital Scales

Box of 3 large soaps


Ticket - Yellow   -   No.567  -   Claimed

Ticket - Yellow   -   No.55    -   Claimed

Ticket - Pink       -   No.111   -   Claimed

Ticket - Yellow   -   No.205  -   Claimed

Ticket - Pink       -   No.17    -   Claimed

Ticket - Pink       -   No.45    -   Claimed

Ticket - Green    -   No.535  -   Claimed

Ticket - White    -   No.193  -   Claimed

Ticket - White    -   No.250  -   To Be Claimed

Ticket - Pink       -   No.341   -   Claimed

Ticket - Green     -   No.405  -   To Be Claimed

Ticket - White     -   No.344  -   Claimed

Ticket - Pink        -   No.505  -   Claimed

Ticket - Green     -   No.470   -   Claimed

Ticket - Yellow    -   No.416    -   Claimed

Ticket - Green     -   No.155    -   To Be Claimed

Ticket - Green     -   No.510    -   Claimed

Ticket - Pink        -   No.60     -   Claimed

Ticket - Green     -   No.74      -   Claimed

Ticket - White     -   No.221    -   To Be Claimed

Ticket - Yellow    -   No.605    -   Claimed

Ticket - Green     -   No.596    -   Claimed


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